About Us

A legacy of horticultural innovation:

Valcore Foods wasn’t just born from Punjab’s bountiful basket of crops, it sprung from the pioneering spirit of Mr. W. S. Nijjer, a tireless champion of Punjab’s agriculture. He played a historical role in the Green Revolution movement in the 1960s and the 70s by introducing novel horticulture practices that breathed life into barren lands. Think reclaiming fertile soil from alkalinity, breeding “processable varieties of vegetables” much before their time, and even pioneering India’s first model farm for drip irrigation!

His tremendous work on tomatoes and chili pepper cultivation opened new avenues for today’s generation of farmers and processors alike.

But Mr. Nijjer’s vision transcended boundaries. His thought leadership and his relentless pursuit of social and economic reform were recognized by Prime Minister Nehru when he was selected to lead the Agricultural mission to the US in 1956.

Today, Valcore Foods stands as a tribute to his lifelong belief in agriculture’s power to uplift communities and build industries.

Diverse Flavor Profiles

Explore a rainbow of heat and aroma, with peppers ranging from delicate florals to tongue-tingling scorchers.

Customizable Blends

Don't settle for generic. We craft bespoke pepper blends tailored to your exact specifications, igniting your brand's signature taste.

Solutions-First Approach

We're more than just suppliers; we're your culinary collaborators. Let our experts help you create winning products that tantalize taste buds.

Global Reach

From the bustling markets of the GCC to the vibrant kitchens of India and ANZ, we bring the world's pepper passions together.